The Singularity AI And What's Coming | They Want YOUR Mind

The future is here and we're living in a whole new world. Humanity is on the brink of major transformation, a transformation unlike anything it's ever seen before, a transformation that will change both who we are and how our society functions.  What's been happening in the fields of advanced robotics and AI is nothing less than mind blowing. The singularity, that moment when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence is quickly approaching and how we handle the changes that are coming will be crucial.

AI will not only surpass human intelligence it will constantly evolve, improving itself at a pace we cannot even begin to keep up with.

What will happen though when it's goals and ours differ? Will we be able to co-exist with an intelligence far superior to ours?

Scientists speak of the transference of our consciousness , brain nets (directly connecting to the internet with our minds), neural links and more. Some of it sounds very alluring, like being able to download information directly to your brain , having any and all knowledge at your disposal in an instant.  We'll be able to live longer with improved minds and bodies. Or will we? Will these enhancements improve us or weaken us? Will we become completely dependent and unable to do anything for ourselves? Will we be able to hold onto our humanity or even our individuality?