California Wildfires | Was This An Attack? Dew Devices ✔️

The California wildfires. Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Napa. The devastation has been described as apocalyptic, catastrophic, eerie. Over 40 killed more than 3,500 homes and businesses destroyed, thousands evacuated and thousands left homeless. Entire neighborhoods in Santa Rosa were reduced to ashes.

Looking at images of the destruction our hearts go out to all those affected.  We can't ignore however that the images eeriness stems from the fact that there are odd qualities about the path of destruction.  It's been described "like nothing ever seen before."

This has caused many to speculate about Dew devices, directed energy weapons. The cause for that speculation is how targeted some of the areas in the images appear to be, and how free of damage areas right next to them are. Also the fact that buildings  have been completely incinerated while tress and bushes remain unscathed.

Were dew devices used? Has this been an attack on the United States?  These questions are not without merit and should be asked, not only for the sake of those affected but for our future safety as well.