The Big Lie | NASA Admits We've Never Been Out Of Low Earth Orbit ★★★

In a rapidly changing world where information is constantly changing, it can be difficult to discern the truth from lies sometimes.In what some are seeing as a soft disclosure of the moon landings having been faked, NASA is now openly admitting they can't leave low earth orbit. They also admit struggling to figure out how to get astronauts through the Van Allen belts.

President Obama addressed some of these challenges in several of his speeches, and also spoke of not being able to leave low earth orbit.

We look at all this and more in this video. We also take

a look at how we have been indoctrinated to believe some of these

lies from a very young age. How the moon landing hoax, and fake

space program lie can be perpetrated on the public at large.

It requires the use of The Big Lie. A lie so big it is

interwoven into the fabric of our lives.