The Strange Tale Of DB Cooper ★ Unsolved Mystery

The only unsolved case in American aviation history the strange tale of DB Copper truly mystifies.
On the afternoon of Thanksgiving eve, November 24, 1971 at Portland Airport in Oregon a man
identifying himself as Dan Cooper approached the ticket counter of Northwest Airlines and purchased a one-way ticket to Seattle Washington,a 30 minute trip.The events that followed were so incredulous and seemingly impossible that to to date no one has ever been able to put the pieces together.

Many theories have been explored over the years and many private searches have been conducted in addition to the official investigations.
While the FBI believes he did not survive, they kept the case open for more than 45 years.
An agent in Seattle was assigned to the case and they eventually closed the case in July of 2016.
It remained unsolved, DB Cooper was never caught and no traces of him or the money were ever found.

My theory as to what happened is divulged towards the end of the video, just one of many plausible scenarios.
What do you think? Did Dan Cooper actually jump out of the plane on that stormy night wearing his
slip on loafers and business suit into the rugged mountainous terrain of Washington?