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Comet 67P NASA/ESA Images reveal beyond amazing anomalies. Alien Structures, a Radio Tower, an Antenna and Earth-Like Buildings

that are built and engineered with  mathematical precision clearly indicating intelligent design. Each and every part of

these structures corresponds perfectly in measurement to it's counterpart. Even the walls of the structures are of

equal thickness.

Nature does not build things this way. So far only MAN has been known to do this.

This comet is also emitting a strange radio signal. It has been dubbed the singing comet by NASA. Interesting

coincidence. After listening to it radio announced that it sounded familiar

to them.They said it sounded like the Continuum for Harpischord by 20th century Hungarian composer Gyorgy Ligeti.

Strangely enough it does. Below you will find the link to their page where you can listen to both clips and

compare them. You can even listen to both clips at the same time.

If an intelligent alien race were to try to communicate with another intelligent race it would make

perfect sense to use music.

The anomalies seen in even just a couple of the images are astonishing to say the least. This video takes a look

at two images and what's seen is thought provoking indeed. Aside from the various buildings, structures,tower,

and antenna, there is a strange white disk that seems to hover over the surface just one of several seen. Some

heavy equipment reminiscent of a CAT or bulldozer on earth, and a large number 5 standing in front of a set of buildings.

Taking everything into consideration,these images pose many questions.One has to wonder just what is going on.

Alien Contact?

Is the signal the comet is

emitting a form of

communication indicating

intelligent life from an alien


Why was this particular comet

chosen for this project?

Was the signal

the deciding


Was the signal

a direct

message to


There is no way

that official

agencies involved

can look at

these images and

not know

what those

structures are

Why no announcement?

The reason these

images are so

amazing is because

they are of

a comet.

They haven't been

taken on a

planet capaple of


life where an alien


could have evolved.

These images

could very well mean

that an alien race

can and does exist

and is  a spacefaring


It would mean

that they are


advanced  and

travel the stars!

The only other

possible explanation

for these structures

would be

that they were created

by us. If they were, that

would pose many questions too.

Some theorize that an elite

group of people are quietly

moving off world armed with the

knowledge that

earth is soon to

experience a

catastrophic event.

Others theorize that space

agencies are secretly

conducting experiments and

starting colonies off world.

Many simply

believe the more

logical explanation is that

there are technologically

advanced alien

civilizations out there and

there has been an

attempt to communicate

with us.

Whatever the answers may be, the questions these images pose need answers.

Could it be that just

by releasing these

images as they are,

with clearly visible

artificial structures

the agencies


are trying to give us

those answers?