Mars Anomalies ◄ Could This Be Contact?◄ Intriguing NASA Image★★★

This intriguing NASA image shows what looks like an F with an arrow on the top

laid out in stones. Usually when we see something like this on Earth it there

is a human act behind it. Most of us have seen messages laid out like this

on the I love U or a heart shape ...children often have great fun doing stuff

like this sometimes too.

Is it possible this was left for the Mars Curiosity

Rover to come across? Could this be an attempt at contact? Is the arrow trying to

direct our attention towards something? There has been speculation of

the rovers we send being tampered with,they could after all be considered intrusive.

They may actually even pose a danger. As humans we can often be rash,rushng into

things and often considering the repercussions after the fact. The rovers may

pose a threat that we are unaware of. They may introduce bacteria

into the environment that could pose health hazards. The American Society for

Microbiology conducted a study and reported that 377 strains of bacteria may have

survived the sterilization process the Curiosity Rover underwent before being


It is currently not known if bacteria spread to the surface of Mars. The possibility

though already has scientists concerned about contamination and the possibility

of inadvertently spreading life from earth to Mars.

Could the F symbol with the arrow be asking that the rover leave?

If intelligent life exists on Mars it would not be difficult to figure out the purpose

of the rover,it's function and how best to communicate with the civilization that sent it.

Could this symbol, simply written out in stones be a message from them to us?

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