2012-End Signs Happening?

2012 It has been speculated upon and prophesied about
more than any other year in the history of mankind.
Ancient cultures prophesied many things about this
specific time period.
The return of the Gods. The destruction of Earth and
all of mankind.

The Earth has always had a certain amount of turmoil,
wars and natural disasters. These are however now increasing
at a frightening pace. We are also seeing things that
we have never seen before in recorded history which we find in ancient
prophesies and religious texts. Such as the warning of the two Suns
found in the book of revelations.

Are the things we are seeing the signs they warned us of?
While world governments cannot come right out and
officially issue warnings due to concerns of violence,
religious and political fallout, even total mayhem from
panicking masses, are they hinting at the truth?
Are we being conditioned and prepared for what's
to come through the mass media?

Side note:
Ancient prophesies did not say there would not be scientific
explanations for the events they prophesied, they just prophesied
that they would occur. Should we allow the fact that there may be
a scientific explanation for some (not all) of what we see to disregard
repeated warnings that seem to have been passed down to us from
ancient cultures the world over?